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Windmill Sweep to Key lock

Instructor: Prof. Kid Peligro

The follow technique taught by bestselling author and Gracie Family Black Belt Prof. Kid Peligro and Carlson Gracie Black Belt Prof. Rodrigo Medeiros and is taken from their new book THE ESSENTIAL GUARD

Kid Peligro’s latest work is a complete overview of the essential techniques from the guard position, including counters, submissions, and sweeps from the closed, open, half, spider, and butterfly guard positions. This book and the other best selling titles by the Gracie family can be purchased at BJJMart.com.

Kid Peligro’s regular news articles can be read atADCC News.

Step 1


Rodrigo has initiated his windmill, but Kid counters by leaning to his left, opening his left arm and bracing with it. Rodrigo grabs Kid’s right elbow with his left hand and Kid’s pants at the left ankle with the right hand.

Step 1


Rodrigo begins to turn his body to the right, but Kid’s solid brace stops him. Rodrigo then moves his torso to the left in a clockwise direction, while at the same time using his left hand to push and bend Kid’s right elbow down. Rodrigo presses down against Kid’s right shoulder with his left thigh, preventing Kid from escaping the arm.

Step 2


Rodrigo loops his left leg over Kid’s right shoulder, locking the left foot under the right, trapping Kid’s shoulder. Rodrigo turns further left, forcing Kid’s body down. With both hands, Rodrigo grabs Kid’s right hand; his left grips the top of Kid’s hand, his right grips Kid’s wrist and forces it

Step 2


Notice that Kid’s elbow is blocked by Rodrigo’s right thigh, and Rodrigo drives his left leg down on Kid’s right shoulder locking it in place, so as Rodrigo rotates Kid’s wrist up it tourques the shoulder joint for the key-lock submission.

Setp 2 Detail


DETAIL – Notice how Rodrigo grabs the top of Kid’s hands – his fingers wrap over Kid’s fingers and touch the palm. With this grip, Rodrigo not only gains leverage, but can also apply a wrist lock. Also, Rodrigo’s left hand firmly grips Kid’s wrist.