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Take down to Foot lock

Instructor: Prof. Jason Izaguirre

Jason Izaguirre is a black belt under Prof. Royler Gracie and Prof. Rolker Gracie, and the founder and head instructor of Gracie Kailua. For more information about his school, please vist www.GracieKailua.com

Here Prof. Jason demonstrates a takedown and submission combination.

Step 1


Jason starts by gripping his opponent’s collar and sleeve.

Step 2


Next Jason feints with a hip throw forcing his opponent to shift his weight backwards to avoid the throw.

Step 3


Jason capitalises on this reaction to set up a reaping takedown…

Step 4


…which the opponent counters by steping his leg up and backwards, off the hook, so Jason uses the reaping leg to block the opposite ankle.

Step 5


Jason drops to perform an ankle pick on the leg he has blocked…

Step 6


…and takes him down to end up standing in his opponent’s guard.

Step 7


Jason initiates the footlock as his right arm wraps around the opponents lower leg and he enters his right knee through the center of his opponents guard.

Step 8


Jason falls back and secures his opponents ankle in a straight footlock…

Step 9


…and applies the technique to achieve submission.