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Shoulder Lock

Instructor: Prof. Royler Gracie

The following Brazilian Jiu jitsu technique is demonstrated by Prof. Royler Gracie, a living legend of the martial arts. Prof. Royler is a multiple time Mundial and ADCC world champion.

The following technique can be found in the best selling Submission Grappling, by Prof. Royler Gracie and Prof. Kid Peligro. This book and the other best selling titles by the Gracie family can be purchased at BJJMart.com.

Kid Peligro’s regular news articles can be read at ADCC News.

Here Prof. Royler demonstrates a No-Gi Shoulder Lock, with accompanying descriptions written by Kid Peligro.

Step 1


Royler is across-side and sees the space between David’s left elbow and his body.

Step 2


Royler slips his left arm around the gap and spreads his knees open for base.

Step 3


Royler locks his left hand on his right biceps and his right hand grabs his own left elbow, locking david’s arm.

At this point, Royler is at his most vulnerable for a bridge escape from david. Royler makes sure to his knees are wide open and his hips are low to the ground.

Step 3 - Detail


Notice Royler’s lock around David’s arm. His left hand went under the arm and through the gap until it reached his own right triceps.

His right arm goes around the outside of David’s arm and locks on the outside of his own left elbow for a very tight hold.

Step 4


Royler springs off his toes and slowly, keeping pressure with his chest on the lock, he walks around to David’s head, with the arm still locked tight.

Step 5


Royler shoots his right leg through, switching his hips, and cranks the lock by pressing his right shoulder down toward the mat as he lifts his left elbow, tourquing David’s shoulder.