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Rear Bear Hug Defense

Instructor: Prof. Rodrigo Gracie

Prof. Rodrigo Gracie is an ADCC Submission Grappling World Champion and Pride Veteran and Author or 3 best-selling books with Kid Peligro.

This month Prof. Rodrigo shares a Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defence technique. For a video of this technique, you can register at Rodrigo’s VIRTUAL GRACIE website which has over 100 techniques with new techniques added regularly.

Step 1


Rodrigo is approached by an attacker.

Step 2


The attacker locks a grip over Rodrigo’s arms.

Step 3


Rodrigo relaxes his arms and turns right while leaning forward.

Step 4


Continuing this turning motion Rodrigo frees his arms and flows into a double leg take down.

Step 5


Rodrigos steps to the right taking down his attacker.

Step 6


Rodrigo achieves a dominant position on the ground