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North-South Lapel Choke

Instructor: Prof. Thiago Ferreira

Prof. Thiago Ferreira is a black belt under Prof. Crolin Gracie.

Prof. Thiago teaches Gracie Jiu Jitsu on the NSW Central Coast as part of the Gracie Sydney Assocation and Beston-Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We highly reccomend his classes to anyone who has the opportunity to train with Thiago.

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This month Prof. Thiago teaches a choke using his own lapel to strangle his opponent.

Step 1


Thiago has established side control on his opponent.

Step 2


While blocking any escape attempts, Thiago opens his own lapel.

Step 3


Thiago passes his Lapel to his left hand which he has hooked under his opponents neck.

Step 4


With his right hand now free, Thiago blocks his opponents near hip.

Step 5


Thiago spins around to the North-South position which tightens the lapel around his opponents neck.

Step 6


To complete the submission Thiago spawls his hips creating a large amount of pressure on his opponents neck forcing him to submit.