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Clock Choke aka "Relogio"

Instructor: Prof. Jason Izaguirre

Jason Izaguirre is a black belt under Prof. Royler Gracie and Prof. Rolker Gracie, and the founder and head instructor of Gracie Kailua. For more information about his school, please vist www.GracieKailua.com

Here Prof. Jason demonstrates the Clock Choke also known as “Relogio” in Portuguese.

Step 1


With his left hand, Jason takes a firm thumb in grip on his opponents’ lapel

Step 2


Using that grip, he forces his opponent to the side and takes the side-back position. His right arm is starting to reach under the far armpit.

Step 3


Starting to apply pressure, Jason shifts his weight forward while switching his base bringing his right leg through and securing the far wrist with his right hand.

Step 4


Jason completes the choke by continuing to switch his base, his legs moving like the hands on a clock – hence the name “Clock Choke”, or “Relogio”.