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Beston-Gracie Jiu Jitsu Grades

Below are listed the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu belts awarded by Beston-Gracie Instructors.

These grades are recognised by the Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Names are listed in chronological order under their most recent promotion.

If more than one student was awarded the same belt on the same day, those names are listed together in alphabetical order.

Blue Belts

  • Kieran Hewett (Central Coast)
  • Glen Phipps (Central Coast)
  • Nathan White (Central Coast)
  • Rebecca Fenton (Central Coast)
  • Jude Auditor (Central Coast)
  • Pat Walters (Newcastle)
  • Adam Bourke (Central Coast)
  • Matthew Allen (Newcastle)
  • Grant Bradshaw (Central Coast)
  • Bryan Taylor (Central Coast)
  • Simon Bath (Newcastle)
  • Matt Douthwaite (West Coast)
  • Lloyd Clark (Newcastle)
  • Tim Van Duren (Newcastle)
  • Ruben Walsh (Newcastle)
  • Michael Keaney (Central Coast)
  • Darius Wingate-Pearse (Newcastle)
  • Steve (West Coast)
  • Big Tim (West Coast)
  • Andrew Crowe (Newcastle)
  • Scott Corbett (Newcastle)
  • Mick Eckford (Newcastle)
  • John Gormile (Newcastle)
  • Todd Ingrey (Newcaslte)
  • Theren Saxon (Newcastle)
  • Luke Taylor (Central Coast)
  • Marty Udihir (Newcastle)
  • Daniel Wokjo (Newcastle)
  • Joel Pederson (Central Coast)
  • Zack "Zack Attack" Allen (West Coast)
  • Shane "Gibbo" Gibson (West Coast)
  • Ben "Cement" (Foster)
  • Deano Legovitch (Newcastle)
  • Paul Murdoch (Newcastle)
  • Sam Nosworthy (Central Coast)
  • Jara Pinheiro (Central Coast)
  • Nick Brewer (ISOHEALTH Adelaide)
  • Tristan MacGillvray (ISOHEALTH Adelaide)
  • Craig Monie (Cannington)
  • Lee Averall (Newcastle)
  • Chris Moase (ISOHEALTH Adelaide)
  • Steve Bowerman (Newcastle)
  • Paul Cuppitt (Newcastle)
  • Keone Harriss (Newcastle)
  • Brian Hayes (Newcastle)
  • Ernest Laprnik (Newcastle)
  • Scott Palmer (Newcastle)
  • Ben Cook (Newcastle)
  • Johnathan Milgate (Newcastle)
  • Adam "Suavinho" Hitchcock (West Coast)
  • Garth "Gigantor" Tucker (West Coast)
  • Mitch Fraser (West Coast)
  • Josh "Peaches" Stolton (West Coast)
  • Troy Cheetham (Newcastle)
  • Dean Vallon (Newcastle)
  • Tim Dirks (Newcastle)
  • Matt Head (Newcastle)
  • Mike Palmer (Newcastle)
  • AJ (Newcastle)

Purple Belts

  • David Frendin (Central Coast)
  • John Thompson (Newcastle)
  • Brendon Campbell (Central Coast)
  • Gavin Davies (West Coast)
  • Jay Riege (Newcastle)
  • David Moore (Central Coast)
  • Andrew Bennett (Newcastle)
  • Ben Patterson (Central Coast)
  • Keith Suave (West Coast)
  • Shane Haffenden (Newcastle)
  • Jay Mankelowe (Newcastle)
  • Simon Smith (West Coast)
  • Michael Galvin (Newcastle)
  • Chris McCracken (Parkes)
  • Hoffrey Soo (Newcastle)
  • Matt Jones (ISOHEALTH Adelaide)
  • Simon "Taree" (Newcastle)

Brown Belts

  • Taff Davies (West Coast)
  • Paul Haffenden (Central Coast)
  • Luke Nutley (Central Coast)

Black Belts

  • Luke Beston (Newcastle)
  • Ben Thomas (Newcastle)
  • Steve Williams (Newcastle)

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